This is why Future Self Coffee should be your new pre-workout

This is why Future Self Coffee should be your new pre-workout

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We've got a tip for you... Ditch your pre-workout for a cup of (delicious) Future Self Coffee.

It's a new week, you're ready to hit a workout & you want to make the most of it, maybe hit some PB's or just prevent injury... we think the secret is coffee! (alongside a balanced & healthy diet of course).

With only one ingredient in Future Self Coffee, you've already got the best pre-workout on your kitchen side.

Let's dive into why you can ditch your pre-workout & just drink your favourite Future Self Coffee instead. 

The Benefits

Coffee is packed full of health benefits including antioxidants, vitamins & minerals which not only benefit your workouts, they also come in handy for hitting your fitness goals too.

Mental Focus & Metabolic Rate

Coffee is known to increase your metabolic rate & mental focus. Allowing you to stay more alert, increase your workout duration & create energy to fit in those extra reps or miles. Sounds ideal?

When to take?

Caffeine has been shown to stay in your bloodstream providing elevated alertness for up to three hours. So when timed right, coffee can be used to reduce fatigue, giving you that boost to go further.

For optimum performance within your workout research shows that caffeine starts to take effect from around 20-45 minutes post consumption. Each individual is different, so test when you enjoy your Future Self Coffee to maximise your peak during your workout. 

“Caffeine for me takes around 20 minutes to start affecting the body, I like having it about 30 minutes before I exercise." - Mo Farah

Post Workout Positives

Coffee doesn't only help during your workout, it continues to benefit the body post workout too with a range of benefits.

Coffee contains polyphenols, (a micronutrient), which has been shown to reduce inflammation, reducing recovery time & help cut back on post-workout muscle soreness. A win-win!

What’s the best Future Self Coffee to make sure to smash your workouts?

Brew Bags! With high caffeine levels & elevated flavour profiles, enjoying a brew bag ahead of your workout will give you that much wanted boost. With our Brew Bags being individually wrapped, locking in freshness, they become an easy addition to your gym bag when on the move.

Shop Brew Bags as part of the Future Self Coffee Subscription service, meaning you can stay stocked up without the admin of re-ordering, let us do it for you. Plus you’ll save 10%.