Future Self Coffee's first official supplier at Battersea Power Station

Future Self Coffee's first official supplier at Battersea Power Station

We're excited to announce our very first coffee supplier, Clean Kitchen, in London's iconic landmark, Battersea Power Station.With aligned brand values of self-development through eating and drinking habits, we couldn't be more proud to have Clean Kitchen serve our Focus everyday blend and Reset decaf for their coffee offerings.

Summer Days With The Shaken Espresso

Over the course of a few months, the Future Self Coffee and Clean Kitchen team came together to curate the perfect recipe for our very first limited edition drink, The Shaken Espresso. It was important for both brands to bring out the best flavours of the Focus blend using milk-based alternatives and vegan chocolate. Product quality is always top of mind - from hand-shaking the refreshing drink to the handcrafted chocolate glaze and of course, getting that ice ratio right. The launch of Future Self Coffee and The Shaken Espresso at Clean Kitchen was celebrated through a Pilates Brunch, hosted by Clean Founders, Verity Bowditch and Mikey Pearce, attended by a group of wellness content creators. Check out the event highlights here.

Drink or Buy Our Coffee At Clean Kitchen

Next time you're in South West London, make sure to stop by the beautiful Battersea Power Station and check us out at Clean Kitchen (you'll definitely need a coffee break in between shopping!) You can now order a Flat White, Cappuccino, or a straight up Americano served with Future Self Coffee. Our coffee bags are also available to purchase there in person - ideal if you're visiting from outside the UK and can't get it delivered (yet!)

What's Next?

Keep your eyes peeled as we roll out to Clean Kitchen's other sites in London, as well as other suppliers in different parts of the UK. 


Want to be part of the Future Self Coffee family? Get in touch by emailing our team at trade@futureselfcoffee.com for wholesale and retail opportunities.