Espresso Martinis with Future Self Coffee, curated by Brighton independent bar & coffee shop

Espresso Martinis with Future Self Coffee, curated by Brighton independent bar & coffee shop

This one has definitely been in our bucket list for a while! We were absolutely thrilled to work with our Brighton neighbours at Dandy to create not just one, but FIVE unique Espresso Martini drinks using three of our Future Self Coffee blends.Being able to work with local Brighton independents has been a dream for us, having been inspired by the incredible coffee community down here in the south. Start small, take those steps, and one day... you end up having your own Espresso Martini drink!

Espresso Martini Nights

Situated in a cosy corner at Sydney Street, Dandy is the friendliest cafe in the neighbourhood. Buying a coffee there is like catching up with a friend. They even have a little notebook where you can write down your name and tally up each coffee you have instead of a rewards card! It was super exciting news for them to finally open up their cosy downstairs bar area, where they will be hosting Espresso Martini Nights. To launch this, together with Voya, Dandy owners, Rory and Holly, designed five Espresso Martini drinks using our Focus, Self-Care and Reset blends! (Not to name favourites but Chai Me A River was definitely up there - especially because Dandy create their own homemade chai! Absolutely elite.)

A few of us at Future Self Coffee, alongside friends and family tried out these delectable drinks at a little tasting soirée and trust us, there's a drink for everyone (non-alcoholic, decaf, you name it) - even if you don't normally like Espresso Martini, you'll be won over!

Check out the highlights here.

What's Next?

Experience these delicious drinks at Dandy's Espresso Martini Nights - follow their Instagram to be the first to know.

Fancy using our coffee to create your own Espresso Martinis (or coffee-based cocktail drinks)? Get in touch by emailing our team at