Why French Press?

Why French Press?

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If you’re a fan of full flavoursome coffee brewed to ultimate perfection, the French press technique might well become your new go-to for your at-home speciality coffee.

We dive into the benefits & (many) reasons to why you should start using a French press regularly to brew your coffee. 

What is the French Press method?

A French press just uses hot water & your chosen ground coffee, making it the purest way to brew your favourite roast. The coffee is plunged using a mesh filter after a slow steeping process with hot water, allowing a full-bodied coffee to be poured. 

It’s simple & inexpensive

The French Press technique is easy & it makes an excellent cup of coffee. No need for additional gadgets, expensive equipment or additional parts to keep making your morning cup. You simply need to buy a French press once (we recommend the Timemore French Press), have access to hot water & your favourite bag of Ground Future Self Coffee, then you’re good to keep going cup after cup… 

Watch our Brew Guide on how to French Press, with a step by step guide to get the most out of your French press. 

Full-bodied & flavoursome

If you want a brew technique which brings out each delicate flavour of our specialist coffee, the French press is the way forward. With the slow steeping process, without the use of a filter paper, the natural oils of ground coffee are extracted, creating a creamy & flavour packed coffee. The natural oils pulled from your coffee are also full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals & polyphenols, aiding health benefits such as mood/energy boosts, glowing skin & reduced inflammation. 

Higher caffeine levels

That slow brewing process not only brings out the full flavours of coffee, it also intensifies the caffeine levels in your hot cup of coffee. The French Press technique has shown to have up to 50 mg more caffeine than a single espresso or pour over coffee, all due to that slow brew. 

Portable & great for sharing

Having friends over for coffee? Use the French press to make multiple cups at once, making it time consuming & enjoyable. The Timemore French Press makes up to 2-3 cups of coffee at a time, making it ideal for a social gathering, or when you need more than one cup of coffee! The French press is a firm favourite at Future Self Coffee HQ! Plus, the French press is easy to pack & take with you on your travels, it's a win-win.

Shop Kit & Accessories at FutureSelfCoffee.com, including the Timemore French Press, with it's sleek & minimal design in either white of charcoal. You can learn this slow, flavourful brew technique with our Brew Guide too!